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Advice – Polyamory under duress.

/u/Expensive-Macaroon writes on /r/polyamory… “I (early 30s, F – if that matters) can’t cope with my feelings at the moment and need some outside perspective. I’ll try to retell what’s going on first, then go into why my emotional life feels like a weirdly conceptualized rollercoaster right now. Thank you […]

Advice – New to polyamory.

/u/thatmomchick writes on /r/nonmonogamy… “I brought up the concept to my husband as I have always leaned toward polyamory but have not until recently known it was an actual thing. My husband and I have a stable relationship of over 3 years and a child together. I would like to […]

Advice – How can I conquer my ego?

/u/There1Go_12 writes on /r/polyamory and /r/nonmonogamy… “…I am 20, male, bisexual and I have been in open/poly relationships in the past with very serious girlfriends. My currently girlfriend and I were poly the first time we dated but when we got back together decided to be monogamous. Recently, prompted largely […]

Advice – Mono/Poly Relationship

Cherry Blossom via email asks… “My husband and I have been together in a long distant relationship for ten years. We spend all weekends till Monday; all holidays and summers together. In two years he retires and the plan is to finally live under one roof. We have three kids […]

Advice – My wife and I opened up.

/u/polyq55555 on /r/polyamory writes…“So.. I’m just looking for any advice, input, or maybe reassurance. My wife and I have been in a mono relationship for 6+ years, married for two. Have kids, mortgage, etc. We are both late 20s. Recently, we’ve been exploring the idea of polyamory. My wife seems […]

Dating Polyamory Newbies

/u/d_arizona7 on /r/polyamory asks… “I would really love to hear from as many of you as possible on this. I see a lot of “I refuse to date newbs.” So, in the sweetest way possible, please fill me in, why? Because newbs are inexperienced and likely to have a difficult […]