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Advice – New to polyamory.

/u/thatmomchick writes on /r/nonmonogamy… “I brought up the concept to my husband as I have always leaned toward polyamory but have not until recently known it was an actual thing. My husband and I have a stable relationship of over 3 years and a child together. I would like to […]

Advice – How do I minimize hierarchy?

/u/Kase_maschine writes on /r/polyamory… “I’m wondering for those who ventured into poly by “opening up” a mono marriage, how do you work with being poly yet minimize the hierarchy that can come with having a spouse/nesting partner? We are not planning to enmesh living situations or finances with other partners, […]

Advice – How do I bring up polyamory?

/u/Adsihmlaiieo on /r/polyamory writes… “Hi, all! I’m going to try and keep this short. I’m [27F] interested in introducing polyamory to my husband [28M]. We have been married for 2.5 years and currently have a ‘nothing is cheating’ rule, typically characterized as an ‘open’ marriage. The only rule so far […]