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Advice – Polyamory under duress.

/u/Expensive-Macaroon writes on /r/polyamory… “I (early 30s, F – if that matters) can’t cope with my feelings at the moment and need some outside perspective. I’ll try to retell what’s going on first, then go into why my emotional life feels like a weirdly conceptualized rollercoaster right now. Thank you […]

Advice – My wife settled for me.

/u/StalinsLargeStache on /r/relationship asks… “I [34M] should start off by saying that I love my wife [31F] to death, we’ve been together 5 years and I would truly do anything for her. However, I’ve always felt like I put much more into the relationship than she does (dates, sex, affection, […]

Advice – Blowup over condom.

/u/tryingmybest101 on /r/polyamory writes… “Last night I came home to a homemade dinner from my wife, we’ve both been really busy and she usually gets in much later than I do so it meant a lot to me. I went upstairs to change and noticed that there was a condom […]

Advice – My wife hates my dog.

/u/throwRA12345678901 on /r/relationship_advice writes… “I’ve been with this girl for almost a decade now. We’ve been through a lot together and we’ve had our fights like most couples do but this last one takes the cake. I got a puppy who turned out to be quite destructive. One day he […]