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Advice – My best friend is cheating.

/u/dustybookends on /r/relationship_advice writes… “One of my [26F] best friends [28F] since college is starting an affair. She’s been with her partner for eight years and he’s not perfect, but I sincerely believe he tries his best. I know my friend is unhappy, but she doesn’t want to leave him […]

Advice – Labels in Hierarchical Relationships

/u/littlemsreverie on /r/polyamory writes… “… For background, I’ve been practicing poly for a decade now and my preferred structure is generally two equal primaries, open, and an assortment of more casual relationships of different types. At this moment, I have two (monoromantic) primaries who are also domestic partners, a committed […]

Advice – Swinging to Poly?

/u/ThrewItOnTheGround09 on /r/polyamory writes… “My husband – we’ll call him B (33M) and I (32F) have been together for 13 years, and non monogamous for 5. We publicly presented as mono, but would meet couples for sex. I was permitted to have ongoing relationships with women, but not with men. […]