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Advice – My wife hates my dog.

/u/throwRA12345678901 on /r/relationship_advice writes… “I’ve been with this girl for almost a decade now. We’ve been through a lot together and we’ve had our fights like most couples do but this last one takes the cake. I got a puppy who turned out to be quite destructive. One day he […]

Advice – Difficult metamour.

/u/hopelessly_floating on /r/polyamory writes… “I met my metamour recently. I’m still feeling a bit shaken up and confused about it. I think they were maybe feeling nervous and a bit jealous which I know are normal and natural feelings. My metamour seemed very territorial, possessive, and pretty verbally/emotionally abusive to […]

Advice – Emotional Polyamory

/u/findingmemo1990s on /r/polyamory writes… “I’ve been married for going on six years, together eight. Always monogamous. Something I’ve realized as of late is that I tend to have very deep and loving connections with other men, even when I am with someone. I’ve kind of been that way my whole […]

Advice – I started messaging others.

/u/nebstheunicorn_ on /r/relationship_advice writes…“I [31F] and my bf [35M] have been together a year’s. Very happy in every department but sex, I’m extremely unsatisfied and I’ve told him this many times and there’s been minimal effort put in on his part. So I was bored in the hospital for 2 […]