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Advice – Should I tell my girlfriend I slept with other people while we were on a break?

When my current girlfriend and I took a break a couple years ago, I slept with new partners. After we got back together, we never talked about who we slept with. Recently, I realized we never had that conversation about our sex life during the break when she incorrectly guessed the number of people I’ve slept with during a game. Should I tell her that I slept with other people during our break couple years ago?

Advice – How do you stand monogamy?

After fourteen years together with my husband, I am starting to get really depressed thinking about how he will be the only person I have sex with until I die. We briefly talked about non-monogamy, but he is unwilling to experiment. How do I deal with the struggle with monogamy? How can I stay content with my husband?

Advice – In a long distance relationship, fantasizing about strangers.

My boyfriend and I are currently long distance. Due to the distance and the current global pandemic, it doesn’t look like we can close the gap anytime soon. In the meantime, I’ve been fantasizing about sleeping with other people, and feel like I am missing out on an opportunity experience the college sex life I dreamed of. What should I do? How can I talk about this with my boyfriend?